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About Our Services

Our virtual assistant service is a team of dedicated professionals that can help you manage and delegate any marketing, administrative and online work. Having trouble finding the right employees or experiencing churn? Our service employs a diverse team of professionals able to handle a wide range of tasks that will work five hours a day, Monday thru Friday, to help ensure all of your company's needs are met.

Do you need help with managing your:

1) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

2) Pay Per Click Marketing & Management

3) Reddit Marketing, Upvoting & Downvoting

4) Google Analytics

5) Web Site Management

6) Graphic Design

7) Data Entry

8) Accounting

9) Classified Ad Posting

10) Job Recruiting

11) Automating Repetitive Tasks

12) Management Consulting

13) Video Ad Production & Editing

14) Professional Photography & Online Reputation Management

15) Appointment Setting & Scheduling

16) Online & Competitive Research

17) Online Product & Inventory Management

18) Online Chat Agents

19) Link Building for SEO

20) Writing & Preparing Materials

21) Scheduling Travel

22) Setting Up Business Events

Our team can help! Plans start at $1,499 a month and include a dedicated account manager and 100 hours a month. Whatever things you do not have time to get to, such as boosting your web site's search engine rankings, finding new ways to market and bring in customers or just getting help with paperwork, Hot's team will be there to help you identify and target new business opportunities in a rapidly evolving online marketplace

Hot's virtual assistant team is available to help you with any tasks, from the most basic yet time intensive to more advanced ones requiring certain skill-sets.

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    Our address

    One Market, Spear Tower, 36th floor, San Francisco, CA 94105

    Support Contact Number:

    (+1) 415-323-0619

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    Support Working Hours

    Monday thru Sunday: 8 AM to 6 PM PST

    Client Testimonial

    It simply works! Easiest craigslist posting software ever! No more deleted ads, constant phone verification, captchas and hours of work trying to get the software to work!

    Susan Hendrickson

    We’ve used every poster from Troopal to CL BOT PRO to Ad Missle to CLADG to Ad Climber, this is light years ahead of everything else and leaves them all in the dust. It is the only one with real support, and the only one that actually helps you solve your problems with IP blocks, auto-flagging and so on rather than directing you to some forum or giving you a canned response. It’s also the cheapest craigslist auto posting software out there.

    Jonathan Miller


    Craigslist Auto Posting Software

    CL Auto Posting Service

    LetGo Auto Posting Software

    LetGo Auto Posting Service (PREMIUM ADD-ON ONLY)

    Facebook Marketplace Posting Service


    OfferUp Posting Software





    Billed Annually

    • Annual License (Software Only)
    • $730 Per Year
    • Includes Full Setup
    • Self-Managed
    • Includes Up To 9 CL Accounts
    • Up To 100 Posts and Renewals Per Day
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    Billed monthly

    • Requires Starter License.
    • Includes Dedicated Account Manager.
    • Helps Solve Flagging/Removals.
    • PVAs and Phone Numbers Provided
    • Campaign & Schedule Updating Included
    • Post to OfferUp, LetGo & FB Marketplace.
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